Show at FLIGHT Gallery: "The Suspects" / by Alexander Pincus

What: Art Opening - Unveiling of a book and series of paintings "The Suspects" by recent San Antonio transplant Gyan Shrosbree.

Where: FL!GHT GALLERY, 1906 South Flores, San Antonio, TX 78204 

When: Second Saturday July 10, 2010 7-10 pm

Who: Gyan Shrosbree + book interpretation by DeviBooks 

What the artist has to say: 

I was a little bit hopeful going in. We’d e-mailed and he seemed all right, not great, but probably not an axe murderer. When we met he was sitting at the bar, so I couldn't see the lower half of his body. He wore a low-necked (tee?  No collar?) shirt with a leather (silver, gold) necklace supporting a large wooden cross.  He chose to not stand up when I arrived; I chose to overlook it. During our conversation, he told me all about himself, and his work, and his problems, and his charming idiosyncracies, which some might call quirks, or flaws, possibly even red flags, or a cry for help.  He made time slow down to a glacial pace, and when we finally stood up, his voice had not only invaded my brain, but was triggering the gag reflex deep in my throat.  Notwithstanding, nothing could have prepared me for the real shocker of the night.  Poking out the bottom of the widest stove pipe jeans to be seen this side of the new millennium were the pleatherest black puffy-soled loafers to ever disgrace a dance floor.  I suppose the puffy soles made him feel taller.  The cracked and dirty pleather spoke volumes, beginning with:  I really fucking stink! They were cheap and old and all I could think of was sleazy, puffy, pointy-toed man sleazing down the street in run down sleaze loafers.  Finally, he showed me he was an open-minded, modern man by letting me pick up the tab for my glass of wine and his six scotch and sodas.  I’ve tried and failed to erase every detail of him from my memory.